Our Vision

Modern Skill Devolopment Institution – Center of Excellence

Skill development – The need of the hour

Now in existence for over the last three years, Sun Charitable Trust continues to strive and expand its support to the community. We hope that you will be able to take part in one or more of the problems being addressed by our non-profitable trust with a motto of ” Serving together for a better future”. The youth of today are the future and leaders of tomorrow.

 Every month nearly a million youth enter the labor market in our country. These youth lack the required skill that acts as a bridge between knowledge and employment. Thus it is necessary to generate better jobs as well as establish modern skill development centers for appropriate training. Our trust is lending helping hands to such unemployed youth on humanitarian grounds as part of our noble work. Prior to the crisis, many youngsters were not in employment, education or training. The decline in these has rapidly increased because of covid-19. The reason behind this economical and employment downfall is the disruption and complete standstill of training organizations due to lockdown measures introduced during the pandemic. Looking beyond pandemic, recovery is essential because technically skilled youth is the power of the nation.

Improved training and skill development are critical in providing good employment opportunities among youth lacking sufficient skills and belonging to poor sections of society. Skill development is considered one of the critical aspects of employment in a developing country like India, where the main problem lies among youth being unemployed. Despite working hard, insufficient skills develop a gap between knowledge and employability. Unfortunately, there are many such youths in our community who are deprived of access to education and training. We are committed to training and developing individuals to a high level of skill in their respective areas. Youth trained in skills and hands-on technological solutions are confident enough to address critical human needs worldwide.

Hence to uproot the problem of unemployment and encourage enhanced skills among the downtrodden and vulnerable population, we at Sun Charitable Trust took it upon our shoulders and implemented mission skill development. We have been offering training programs to 10,000 deserving and needy youth per year “free of cost” , under programs designed to meet the ongoing demands and situations in our country and all over the world. We are also providing employment opportunities to several desirable candidates in the hope to make our nation a better place because when youth are consistent and determined not only society but also a country prospers. when this power of skill and technology collaborates with your power of generosity, it intensifies our service to humanity.                   

Skill development for poor people is essential to address the opportunities and meet new challenges in technologies globally. But lack of resources makes it impossible for us to work single-handedly. Since skill development is not a choice but a necessity for survival and success, we aim to set up a modern skill development center and train desirable candidates in the hope to resolve the concerns surrounding unemployment in an effective and professional way. This way they can become experts in their field of interest and can get opportunities worldwide. Investing in our noble cause and joining hands with us ensures skill development training programs are made accessible to the underprivileged.   The youth of today are the future leaders of tomorrow.   Thus Yet another service rendered by our trust is the establishment and management of skill institutes to reach the lower sects of the community and fulfill their fundamental needs for employment. To execute this we need to buy land, construct buildings, arrange infrastructure and equipment, teaching personnel, maintain finances, etc are the basic criteria to be fulfilled for which continuous flow of donations is necessary. This outbreak had a huge material impact on vulnerable and marginalized groups in our community who are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to education and employment. So we took up this service to humanity.

Despite the funds, the non-profits still face financial challenges every now and then. With much critical support, we aim to turn this into reality. At Sun charitable trust, we seek help for people and communities that add up to our trust’s mission. Although we cannot help everyone, the least we can do is support such unemployed youth so that they see a brighter and better tomorrow. Your support is the key to our organization’s continuous ability to serve better.

It is needless to say that all these activities are possible with the kind financial support from philanthropic individuals and institutions. Recurring donations allow us to continue our noble works without any halts. Due to the impact of covid, the regular inflow of funds is badly affected. Moreover when you all join hands with us, indeed this is possible to achieve. Even a small donation goes a long way. Hence we appeal most humbly to your gracious self for your kind, sympathetic and generous support. Nevertheless, the recommendation of our trust to your fellow kind-hearted acquaintances who may be willing to help us by providing financial assistance is appreciated. We need to create momentum through contributions, donations and funds from kind-hearted acquaintances who are willing to join hands with us in our noble cause and generously support us. If you have not yet made that one life-changing donation, it’s not too late! No donation is small or big and every donation counts. You are truly going to make a difference in the community through your sympathetic contribution.  We earnestly solicit your kind, Liberal and active support to carry on the noble service because your support is crucial to executing our efforts in solving the problems.