Our Mission

We sun charitable trust- a non-profit organization providing healthcare, education and training to people of Telangana. We work to ensure improved employment among youth, high quality health care to everyone and ultimately address hunger and poverty.

This global pandemic has completely transformed our lives and created unmet needs beyond the usual while putting enormous pressure on non-profits financially. But we didn’t dial back instead lent our support in this crisis by supporting medical and public health needs to vulnerable populations. Additionally, healthcare was not the only problem created by covid. With more people out of work, demand for food, buying-panic and hoarding of groceries created much reduced supplies to underprivileged people. We helped in our best way by distributing dry Ration kits and meals to various areas of Telangana with population of low socio-economic status. 

Post-covid the concerns of educational status of government and low-cost private schools is quite questionable because ack of resources, social stress and healthy meals during lockdown increased school drop outs. Hence to encourage students from socially and economically weak families to get back to school, we provided several “student happy kits” to many children. Also there is a rise in unemployment among youth and others post pandemic. We are helping them by upgrading their technical skills by providing free training. The details of free training are mentioned on our website.